Once the only beacon of civilization in the Du’uehm Expanse, Ahmund’Set fell with the Breath and succumbed to the sand. Now only the pyramid of Kara’Tuum remains, a lone structure rising from the contaminated desert.

Under orders from the United Leaders of Callispar and their liaison Knight-Captain Rous, Jathal and Zila set out along with a company of elite soldiers and hired hands to retrieve a mysterious artifact from Kara’Tuum. In the resulting blood bath, the Pyramid was destroyed by a fungus-bearing scorpion colossi. Nothing remains of the once great city of Ahmund’Set.

With the help of Cerridwyn, the culture of Ahmund’Set isn’t quite lost to history. Carefully detailed within a restored leather-bound book are the details of this once noble people.

An Ancient Civilization

Before they took to cities, the ancestors of Ahmund’Set roamed the desert in a great nomadic swathe, worshiping the sun, the moon, and fire. It became legend that they were descended from great dragons, that very blood allowing them to survive under the scorching sun and heat of Morthain’s Du’uehm Expanse. They roamed simply as traders and shamans, selling what they found in the sand to those they met at the desert’s edge, then disappearing back.

Until they found an oddity along the desert’s coast: an ocean current, forced close enough to land, that created a bountiful pocket of fish, harvestable sea plants, and even the occasional seabed shipwreck. With no need to worry about food, and already knowing where to find fresh water, they came to rest beside it. From here they rose to power, backed by the royal family of Ahmund for which the city was later named, and became great people of the sea. They built ships, docks, flourished in the sea and sun.

Until their first guests arrived.

It’s rumored that they were vicious marauders, coming only to steal riches and slaughter innocents; the fine details were lost to time. From this terrible first impression their isolationist mentality arose. They manned their ships with catapaults that destroyed inbound ships with a clinging fire, and those foolish enough to try and cross the desert would perish before they even arrived. Soon, even the people that they had considered allies were ostracized.

It wasn’t until their final ruler that Ahmund’Set opened its borders. Under the rule of Gracious Ahmund Amwyet the Third, the culture began to fully shift towards mercantile tendencies. The eighty years that he ruled before the Breath descended were considered the most prosperous in its recorded history, becoming famous for biannual festivals of fire, drawing tourism from across the three continents, and booming in shipping and trade.

It is believed that the people of Ahmund’Set were the first to flee when the Breath descended, taking their massive fleet and leaving for Callispar to settle what would become Surkesh. Amwyet, in his old age, is said to have remained in his city and laid himself to rest within the pyramid of Kara’Tuum.


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