✩ Sylvia the Silver


Sylvia is a large-sized Silver/Red dragon hybrid, said to have lineage back to the Wyrmking themselves. She considers Jathal her mother, even though she knows that she is not.

Sylvia’s scales are primarily silver, with a faint opalescent shimmer of red at the proper angle. Her black horns curl back from her temples, and as she ages, more have begun to show from the crown of her head— just like her father. Her eyes are a striking emerald green, which are unusual for a silver dragon. From the top of her head all the way down to the nape of her neck is a frill of unusually soft membrane, so fine that it almost mimics feathers. There’s a small ruff of the same texture around the base of her tail, though it’s striped with red.

When she transforms, Sylvia adopts the form of an attractive elven woman with waist-length red hair, pale skin, and the same brilliant green eyes.


Sylvia’s heritage to the Wyrmking is backed by ancient proof— the Scroll of Lineage, an ancient document that shows ties from all of dragonkind back to the God of Dragons. Her parent are the Wyrmking themself, and a female Silver/Red crossbreed named Laeriel Vale. Sylvia’s given name is Viola Vale the Virtuous.

How or why her egg ended up in the sarcophagi of the ruler of Ahmund’Set is a mystery.

✩ Sylvia the Silver

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