Surah Melek

Loyal catfolk draconologist.


Race: Catfolk
Age: 48
Title: Head Draconologist/Captain of the Surkeshian Airforce

Dressed in the sharpest of Surkesh’s military uniform, Surah Melek is a woman who lives for her work. She has deep black fur, golden eyes, and a stub of tail that could have come from accident or as a birth defect. She has a fierce love for her students and the dragons that she has come to know.

Surah’s companion is a huge white dragon known as Icerain. While she doesn’t speak, she is loyal and protective to a fault.


After returning Lila to King Arkeh, he offered them a place in his Airforce— more of an order than a request— and the pair headed with dragons in tow to the first actual training ground they’d ever set foot in. Eager to answer some questions they had about Khet’s strange behavior and perhaps glean a bit more knowledge from their Lineage Scroll, they came to the office of Head Draconologist and Captain Surah Melek. While she regarded them with suspicion, she warmed right up once she saw Khet and Sylvia. Noticing that Khet was essentially going through his first ‘heat’, she offered him the chance to pick a dragon of his liking from the nesting dome, and with their permission reduce his stresses. Awkwardly, he leaves and they offer Surah the Lineage Scroll to translate while they attend classes.

During the attack on the World Tree of Callispar, Surah and her dragon Icerain lead in the assault against the creature, though Zila ultimately dealt the death blow with his chunk of Skymetal. She offered them an escort of riders while they explored the seed below the world tree.

When last Zila and Jathal had seen her, she was busy leading the refugees away from Surkesh towards Mastrecht as Breath had begun to fill the city.

Surah Melek

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