■ Khet the Magma


Khet is a large-sized Magma/Black dragon hybrid, said to have lineage back to the Wyrmking themselves. He personally considers Zila his father, even though he knows that he is not.

Khet’s scales are primarily black, not unlike the glimmer of polished obsidian. His quad of black horns both curl back from his temples and forwards parallel to his snout, a hint of his Black dragon heritage. In his left forward horn is a deep gouge from where Thanos the Destroyer nearly killed him. His eyes are a mix of nearly glowing orange, that fade to red towards his pupil. Sharp ridges of horn and spines follow the curve of his brow, jut from his elbows, and the edge of his spine. Where the scales of his belly meet and where they part from his normal scales belay the deep orange glow of fire within his belly. In fact, he often gives off warmth like a freshly drawn bath or spring.


Khet’s heritage to the Wyrmking is backed by ancient proof—the Scroll of Lineage, an ancient document that shows ties from all of dragonkind back to the God of Dragons. His parents are a wyrm Black Dragon, who’s name has been struck from record, and a direct creation from the Wyrmking themselves, the first Magma Dragon Zjarr. Khet’s given name is Xasei the Volatile.

How or why his egg ended up in the sarcophagi of the ruler of Ahmund’Set is a mystery.

■ Khet the Magma

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