Disciples Garth and Laura

Devout followers of non-present gods.


Race: Dwarf / Elf
Age: 394 / 425
Title(s): Head Clergy of the Old Gods / Members of the Convocation

Holding onto the faith and ideals of non-present Gods in a trying time is a difficult job. Yet, Garth and Laura believe with all their might that some day the Gods will return.

Garth is an old, balding dwarf with a thinning beard. His kind brown eyes seem to understand the troubles of others, and his hands and knees are well worn from years of supplication. His talents lay not in fighting, but healing. While direct devotion to the gods rarely leads to power, through his study and knowledge Garth has garnered some divine power. How this is possible baffles many, even himself.

Laura, however, is not. For many a year, Laura cursed the law of the Skycities and left on a personal quest to find a shrine of the old gods. It took her nearly half of her lifetime, but she found one. Upon viewing the murals and supplicating herself before them, she begged and pleaded for the gods to hear her prayers. While she swears that her calls were answered, some wonder at the cost. While she could now see slightly into the future, and draw on her power of will to heal and harm, her body was wracked with spores from her delve into the Breath. While she is no carrier, the white fleshy veins that cover the skin under her robes are painful and concerning.


Disciples Garth and Laura

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