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The world known as Masai has been subsumed by a choking, toxic miasma- the Black Breath. Only one landmass of any size remains untouched by the corruption. Known as Callispar, it is home to the remaining bulk of mortals on the planet’s surface. Generations ago folk of all races fled to its safety, surrounded on all sides by the vast ocean which serves as its barrier against the Black Breath. Consequently, it is a land of many cultures.

The Blighted Lands

Those immense swaths of land claimed by the Black Breath are not utterly devoid of life. Horrible beasts roam the barren plains and hollow forests, terrifying ancestors of the tamer creatures which called those lost lands home. Yet, not all civilization has left this inhospitable waste.

Dwindling nomadic caravans follow the path of the wind, settling in large areas where the fumes are less potent. Their shamans breathe life back into the land, if only temporarily, and purify the meat of the terrible monsters they hunt.

The Mountain Strongholds

Dwarves carved mighty cities from the earth and stone of those peaks high enough to reach out of the Breath. There are few of these, but they thrive on trade with the Sky Cities, able to tunnel deep into the earth for precious resources without fear of the miasma.

The Sky Cities

Strewn across Masai are a dozen massive city-states which tower above the Breath, powered by mana from the earth they have roots in. They maintain trade with one another and Callispar primarily via air travel including airships of various sizes, rocs and similar colossal avians.

Main Page

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