Below are commonly used terms in the setting of Masai, but do not warrant an entire page.


This is used synonymously with the Breath, or the Black Breath. The Breath is a toxic plague upon the world of Masai. A thick, choking purple mist is the first sign of danger. Minutes after inhaling, the victim begins to vomit and retch. After a few hours, as the toxins finish mixing into the bloodstream, the victim dies of cardiac arrest.

Within the mist are white spores that easily take root on flesh and produce the same effect as the mist, though delayed. The symptoms can easily hide as simple nausea until it’s too late, small fungus clusters releasing more spores from the host.

Image © Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind’

An opalescent crystal imbued with traces of magic; the solid form of magic. Residuum is commonly regarded as the most useful magic component, used on magic items, potions, and all manner of other thing. In crystalline form it can be used for several purposes: fine jewelry, arcane foci, or ritual pieces. When used in crystalline form, residuum begins to cloud; the use determining how translucent it remains. While the effect is beautiful, a crystal loses its magical essence once fully used and becomes useless.

A secondary use of residuum comes when ground into dust. It becomes a fine way to enchant things that would otherwise be difficult to enchant: cloth, metal, liquid, etc. It provides a stable place for magic to take hold, in its purest and most powerful state. Residuum can either be harvested from crystals, or picked from the remains of magic items.

Images © Duo Duo Jewelery and Inna Gem


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