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Nestled between the unforgiving wastes of the Shadow Basin and the Weeping Jungle, on a singular strip of habitable land, stretches the massive and beautiful city of Arkeh. Arkehesian artisans are well known for their distinctive, water-collecting architecture and use of sandstone, used to keep the area alive despite a distance from any natural fresh-water sources. Despite Arkeh’s isolated location, it has still received its fair share of immigrants— something that the local culture has yet to accept.

Life in Arkeh

There are two very different and distinct ways of life in Arkeh. Life within the city itself is relatively peaceful, if not pressed for food or water during the occasional drought.

It is outside of the city where the difficulty begins. Ostracized by the townsfolk, the refugees are left to fend for themselves, living within a massive encampment. These tents were originally prepared for temporary use, but have since been repaired and reinforced to suit long-term living. When entering the city to collect food or other supplies, the refugees are treated very poorly by local vendors, often paying nearly triple what a permanent resident would.

This is to say nothing of the daily struggles provided by the land. The Surayesh Province is well known for the hardship it pushes on its residents. The soil in the habitable strip of land is barely workable, making it possible for only the most hardy of crop and livestock to survive. This, paired with the tendency for drought, makes it particularly difficult to press onward. Both food and water are readily present within the Weeping Jungle, but it has been aptly named— dangerous creatures and a multitude of deadly terrain features have claimed many a life.

Government in Arkeh

People of Importance

  • King Arkeh Surkesh
  • Lila, Royally Appointed Tax-Collector

Arkehian History

Even before the Miasma settled upon the continents, Arkeh had its fair share of troubles. Bloody civil war, assassination of Kings, hundred-year droughts, and an Empire slowly being swallowed by the Shadow Basin… it seems as though the gods have had it out for the people of the Surayesh Province.


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