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Home to the largest and most prestigious Arcane Academy in Callispar, Amaros is a city of prosperity and knowledge carved into the frozen rock of the Jubileus pennisula. Due to the inhospitable nature of the tundra, Amaros has remained unaffected by the overpopulation and has the lowest refugee count per capita in Callispar.

Life in Amaros

Unlike the unforgiving life made by those hunters and explorers that roam the Tundra, life within the city of Amaros is pleasant and quiet, if a bit cold. Thanks to the mages of the Academy, there is little need to leave the city to obtain food or materials. A massive conservatory is the core of the Arcane Academy, providing food and materials to students and townsfolk.

For those who are unwilling to accept help, the story is much different. Only fishermen and trappers can survive on trade-based life and such professions are regarded with enormous amounts of respect; only headstrong fools or madmen would choose a life trapping the vicious tundra creatures or braving deathly cold waters for crustaceans.

Government in Amaros

People of Note:

  • Queen Ambravi Amaros
  • Renaude, Royally Appointed Tax-Collector
  • Archmagi Jaya

Amarosian History


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