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The Old Gods of Masai

It’s not known why the Gods left the world of Masai, just that it happened thousands of years ago. The ancestors of those that followed them still uphold their temples in the hopes that they may one day return, but none know when that may be. Tales of Clerics and divine warriors of old often ring hopeful on the ears of those who have lost loved ones, hoping that they might scrape together the funds for a Resurrection spell, only to find that there are none granted enough power to do so. While the people still hold onto their beliefs, a naysayer might wonder… why?

The Wyrmking, Balthazar The Everfather, Oberroth
Follower: CG, G, Any Neutral
“Follow your fire.”
Power, Fire, Strength
Ungendered Four-Winged Red Dragon
LAWFUL GOOD “Crusader”
Followers: LG, G, LN, N
“Together we create the Future.”
Wisdom, Civilization, Life
Aged Male Pale-Skinned Human, B/W Hair
The Tempest, Illiara Umbrorax, the Shadow Regent The Pale Hunter, Kara’Shan
Followers: Any Neutral, CG, G
“The Storm brings both Life and Ruin.”
Night, Seduction, Fate, Magic
Intersex (F) Drow, White Hair
Followers: Any Alignment
“All things have their end.”
Death, Balance, Time
Ungendered, Layered Cloaked Figure
Followers: Any Good, Any Neutral
“The way of Nature is the way of all.”
Courage, Balance, Life, Adventure
Female Tan-Skinned Human, Dreaded Hair
They The Bloody Matron, Anathos The Broodsire, Thalmnos
CHAOTIC EVIL “Destroyer”
Followers: CE, CN, NE
“To darkness you shall return.”
Madness, Chaos, Void
An Unknowable form
EVIL “Malefactor”
Followers: CG, Any Neutral, Any Evil
“The only good death is a bloody one.”
Power, Strength, Destruction
Female Green-Skinned Demon, Buzzed Black Hair
LAWFUL EVIL “Dominator”
Followers: NE, LE, Any Neutral
“Clever words will take you far.”
Cunning, Dominance, Deception
Intersex (M) Navy-Skinned Demon, Black Hair


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