Lost to time and the Breath, the Grand City of Arcanis was a marvel of technological advancement and progress. Shining metal buildings, strange weapons and constructs beyond most wild dreams hide within the thick miasma, waiting for the day that they might be awakened again.

Cerridwyn, the founder of modern druids, was wise to record her visions of Arcanis. Without her help, the ways of this ancient people may have been lost to the miasma.

Finding themselves in possession of one of the creations from Arcanis, the group now travels on the Elemental Airship known as “The Aria”, found adrift above Arcanis some hundred or so years ago before coming into the hands of Katherine.

Beings of Great Power

One might find it strange for a Mageocracy to find their roots in the settling of the Gods, but the idea far from bothers the High Mages. Arcanis, technologically advanced and massive, is said to have been founded by the united Everfather and Tempest, bringing with them a cadre of well-minded spellcasters and people of great dreams. Together they would put their sights Heavensward, hoping one day to travel through the stars.

While the Gods themselves might have been present for the crafting and raising of Arcanis, they were not for anything else. Their attentions drew them elsewhere as time progressed, leading to the War that would force the Gods to leave this world. Yet the Mageocracy of Arcanis thrived and continued, their plan already set.

A City Unlike Any Other

The city as a whole is massive, and beyond the imagination of most. It is difficult to explain, but many have defined it as a “city of chrome”. They would not be wrong; the buildings of Arcanis seem to be coated in a strong shimmering metal, and the very glass on the buildings is highly reflective as well— to be caught at the right angle during a sunset or rise would be blinding. Nearly fifty square miles make up the entirety of Arcanis, but it is a multi-leveled city— massive buildings rise into the sky nearly as tall as the mountain near which they rest. The architecture of Arcanis is also strange; a union between deco and nouveau. Ovaloid buildings have a lattice of geometric patterns, while tall straight towers feature flourishing nearly organic designs. Roads of smooth dark stone run like a web through the city, the perfect terrain for a carriage. While there are some hints of nature in small parks and the occasional rooftop or building-side garden, the city is primarily metal.

The people of Arcanis are strange. Many of the buildings in Arcanis contain the high-density mage population, yes, but there are also some non-mages who choose to live there as well. Only about 40% of the buildings here contain living-quarters. The other dominant half contain laboratories and libraries, with the occasional district for shopping. It seems entirely driven by the pursuit of knowledge and testing ones own limits. Yet the foot-traffic is far less than in other major cities— they seem locked within their labs at most hours of the day except when they might need to eat, sleep, or go home. At night, the city lights up in a spectrum of cool colors— blues, whites and purples.

The most notable building is the Arcanis Stadium, a massive semi-opaque dome of glass and metal that rivals some of the larger structures in the city. It has many functions, as a lecture hall, meeting place, combat area, and occasionally an open market. It is most famous for its monthly duels, pitting both teams and individual spellcasters against each other in a battle for cunning and brute force. Who said that the coliseum only had to have meaty figures fighting each other with swords?

Technology Beyond Measure

Stranger yet, the Mageocracy of Arcanis have employed the use of constructs as their guarding force. Long has Arcanis been known for its love of creating constructs of all natures, like great beasts constructed of stone or delicate birds that only seek to deliver messages, but only recently have they created what seems to be its own semi-intelligent race of animated golems. Each individual looks nearly as different as we humanoids do, having been crafted by a different hand in many cases. Some have small illuminated crystal eyes, while other seem nearly human were it not for the stone of their flesh. It is difficult coming from another city to not be unsettled by them— who knows what they could be thinking at any moment.


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