Xor, Greatclub of the Matron


+4 Heartseeker Impact Tetsubo
Aura Moderate Transmutation and Necromancy; CL 13th; Weight 10lbs;
Type Two-Handed Exotic; Price N/A;
Small: 2d6 Medium: 2d8 Crit: x4

Xor will only allow itself to be wielded by a character with a Strength of 18 or higher—otherwise, it will do damage as a weapon of Tiny size (Small: 1d4 Medium: 1d6). If you have the strength to wield it, you become proficient with it as you hold it.

An impact weapon delivers a potent kinetic jolt when it strikes, dealing damage as if the weapon were one size category larger (applied in stat block). Any bull rush combat maneuver the wielder attempts while wielding the weapon gains a bonus equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus; this includes all bull rush attempts, not only those in which a weapon is used, such as Bull Rush Strike, Shield Slam, or Unseat.

A heartseeker weapon is drawn unerringly toward beating hearts. A heartseeker weapon ignores the miss chance for concealment against most living targets, though the attack must still target the proper square. In addition, should the wielder roll a natural 20 (followed by a confirmed hit) the weapon embed itself into the chest of its foe, restoring ½ of the damage dealt back to the wielder as HP and destroying the heart. This amount of damage healed per day cannot exceed 5 HP per the wielder’s Hit Die, and should the damage dealt be more than enough to kill the creature, the extra is not applied. Both living and undead creatures benefit from this healing. Should the amount of health gained be over the amount of HP of the wielder, it is granted as temporary HP until the wielder’s next “rest”. This special ability does not apply against aberrations, oozes, plants, outsiders with the elemental subtype, or any creature specifically noted to lack a heart. A new owner of Xor does not gain any hit points until it has been wielded for 24 hours, and this bonus does not stack with Vampiric weapons.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, circle of death, vampiric touch, bull’s strength, lead blades, righteous might or giant form I, death knell, a soul gem containing the creator’s soul mate; Cost +7 bonus


Deep under the sands of the Shadow Basin, in a spot between the two oasis, an ancient ritual site is hidden. Three druids, kept alive by aberrant means, maintain a ritual meant to call or keep a god’s corpse contained. The massive form, fallen and covered by rock, is host to all a form of abyssal and aberrant creature. Massive pieces of the body are missing, plunged into the depths of the earth or consumed by the creatures it contains. Embedded into its chest and massive as the creature that once wielded it, Xor, Greatclub of the Matron makes its home.

Well-used metal spikes stick from an octagonal piece of red-stained wood, a rough sharkskin-wrapped handle extending nearly the same length as the club. Its handle ends in a ring, though its usefulness is unclear given its size. As you lift Xor, it feels somehow heavier in your hands, though not in a way that is tiring.

Xor also has a voice. If given the opportunity to speak, Xor responds in the wielder’s mind, a gruff feminine voice that seems spoken through broken or large teeth. Xor talks to the wielder upon first touch, asking if the user has Strength in mind. Xor tries to shape the user to its needs, subtly, but is rather obvious about its desires. Xor wishes for the death of any Lawfully good creature, stating them as sniveling, disgusting creatures that refuse to accept the nature of the world.

Xor, Greatclub of the Matron

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