Vacuous Raiment

A beautiful silk shawl that drifts in a long gone breeze.


Aura Strong Transmutation; CL 15;
Slot Body; Price N/A; Weight 1lb;


While wearing the Vacuous Raiment, you are granted 21 spell resistance and a +4 Deflection Bonus to AC. On command, the cloak makes its wearer ethereal (as the ethereal jaunt spell). The effect is dismissible. The cloak works for a total of up to 10 minutes per day. This duration need not be continuous, but it must be used in 1 minute increments.


Craft Wondrous Item, ethereal jaunt, spell resistance, mage armor, 5 yards of spider-silk given freely by a Dryder Magi; Cost N/A


At the center of Cothrand’s ‘Star’ the branches of this long dead World Tree entwine to contain a large glass case. Three ancient ents guard it, disguising as the tree itself to stop any unworthy from accepting this godly boon.

The Vacuous Raiment is but a few supple pieces of black leather, the only constants on this strange mantle. The rest of its nearly sheer silk body is moving as thought it were always in some soft breeze. While viewed from the outside, the silk shows whatever is worn underneath, but if viewed from within, it shows a barely translucent night sky (that is not your own). This effect is similar to the effect while looking through the stars on the crown of stars.

Vacuous Raiment

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