Scroll of Lineage

A massive ancient scroll contains a twisted web of names.


This long scroll, though contained in a regal case, has no worth unless the information contained is what you’re looking for.


In the ruins of a miasma ravashed Ahmund’Set is a massive pyramid, the entrance of which is nearly at its peak. Within the air is clear, but you would be remiss to think it safe. A horde of traps, walking dead, and eternal guardians try to ensure that none reach the final chamber. At the end, a burial chamber hides a secret entrance to another burial chamber, this one guarded by a massive stone Sphinx. Between his paws rests a comparatively simple sarcophagi, and after being judged worthy by Amwyet, you may see what rests within: a corpse dressed in resplendent gear, three dragon eggs, and an elegant scroll.

Within is proof that the people of Ahmund’Set have the blood of dragons— and in some cases hid their true nature behind the guise of humans. In addition, the very first entry on the scroll is that of a God; the Wyrmking. The three eggs within have either two steps of connection, or are from the descendants whom hid their true forms.

Scroll of Lineage

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