Crown of Stars

A slender silver crown with three strange but beautiful diamonds.


Aura: Strong Abjuration CL: 15th
Slot: Head Price: N/A Weight: 1lb


The Crown of Stars, while intact, grants its wearer fluency in Celestial, allows them to detect evil at will, and gives them +1 to Caster Level. They also gain a +5 sacred bonus on Knowledge (planes). Those wearing the Crown of Stars are also subject to a Magic Circle against Evil, granting them +2 to AC and Saving throws against Evil creatures only. In addition, they cannot be touched by Evil creatures unless the creature has a high enough SR to break through this effect.

This effect takes hold in strange ways when worn by those with an Evil alignment. If the wearer is native to the material plane, they gain two negative levels upon donning the crown and gain none of the positive effects. If the wearer is a native outsider, they are stunned for one round and gain two negative levels, and the Crown will not allow itself to be worn. If worn by an Evil Outsider, the crown acts as the secondary effect of magic circle against evil with a dimensional anchor— it binds the target in place. The silver band of the Crown warps until it is large enough to encompass the creature, its spindles binding and piercing the creatures skin and flesh. This can be escaped, but there is no duration. If escaped, the crown shatters and must be repaired.


Craft Wondrous Item, Detect Evil, Whispering Lore, Magic Circle Against Evil, Dimensional Anchor, caster must be of 15th level or higher, three astral diamonds worth at least 100,000gp; Price N/A


From the silver circle of the crown stick up three spires, each of which holds a magnificent astral diamond with the largest at the center. While looking through the diamonds, you can see a skyscape that is not your own.

Crown of Stars

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