Bones of the Hunter

A translucent leafy box holds the larger parts of a skeleton.


Aura: Faint Divination and Enchantment CL: 4th
Slot: Slotless Price: N/A Weight: 8lb


The Bones of the Hunter are a set of antiqued white bones, consisting of the skull, ribs, femurs, and hands. Each of these bone sets are individually contained within their own transparent leaf boxes. Each of these small boxes grant the wielder 5 temporary hit points, a full set granting 20 hit points. These hit points replenish daily at dawn.

While these can be distributed among multiple people, the Bones prefer to be a set. Should you hold the full set, you are granted a +2 sacred bonus on all saving throws. In addition, if used as a focus, the Bones provide a +5% boost to augury and divination spells.


Craft Wondrous Item, Augury, Heroes’ Feast, Guidance; the bones of a god or demigod Cost n/a


At the base of the World Tree in Callispar’s Weeping Jungle, hidden beneath a large slab of bark, a muddy tunnel descends into the earth. Within, guarded by creatures of plant and fungus, the tunnel ends in a massive and strangely out of place stone door. Only those of great strength can push them in. It is the center of the ancient World Tree seed, open like a grassy field, waterfalls trailing down the sides and a clear pool at the center. Perched at the edge of the pool is perhaps a more immediate target, a colossal plant monster with purple fungus crawling along its back. Surprisingly, seeing it puts you at ease and as it is approached, it speaks in a low rumbling voice— yet almost feminine in nature. It begs you to take the box at its feet.

As stated above, the Bones of the Hunter are a set of ancient bones contained in a leaf-like box. It looks like several folded leaves, the flesh nearly transparent and the veins golden. Though it was clearly organic at one point, the box is rigid enough to hold its shape and keep it from shattering if dropped. The bones within are also contained in similar boxes, ensuring that no mortal hands touch them directly.

Image © RucaZombiesAsylum

Bones of the Hunter

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