Arx, Whip of the Sire

An intelligent whip once wielded by the Broodsire.

weapon (melee)

+3 Spell Stalking Barbed Whip
Price N/A Slot None CL 13
Weight 3lbs Aura Strong Divination and Moderate Necromancy;
Small: 1d4 Medium: 1d6 Crit: 18-20/ x2 Special Abilities: Reach, Disarm, Trip


In combat, Arx is considered a +3 Spell-Stealing Stalking Whip, and its owner is immediately proficient with Whips and Chains.

As a standard action, a character wielding a stalking weapon can command it to study a creature within 60 feet. The wielder must have line of effect and line of sight to that target. When the wielder attacks the studied creature, on a successful hit the stalking weapon deals +1d6 points of bonus damage per consecutive round spent studying a target, up to a number of bonus dice equal to the stalking weapon’s enhancement bonus. This bonus damage is precision damage and only applies to the first successful hit against that creature.
If the wielder attacks a creature other than the studied creature, commands the weapon to study a different creature, or ends her turn more than 60 feet from the studied creature, the weapon loses all bonus damage dice against the previously studied creature.

When the wielder rolls a critical threat against a target, she can forgo confirming the critical hit and instead automatically learn which spells or magical effects are active upon the target. The wielder may then make a caster level check to steal her choice of one of those effects, using the spellstealing weapon’s caster level plus its enhancement bonus, against a DC of 11 + the caster level of the effect. If the check succeeds, the target immediately loses the benefits of that effect and the wielder gains the effect for 1 minute (or until the effect expires, whichever comes first). If the spellstealing weapon has a critical multiplier greater than x2, the wielder may attempt to steal one additional spell effect per additional multiple beyond x2 (two effects for x3, and so on).

If the wielder takes the time to grapple and pin a wizard or other spellcaster, and they are target of the weapon’s stalking bonus, in lieu of a Coup De Grace, they may use their turn to syphon the Mage’s spellcasting knowledge. This effect takes a number of minutes equal to the spellcaster’s caster level, and then deals damage as a normal Coup De Grace. While this is in progress, the spellcaster is considered helpless as well, and must have their spellbook or familiar in hand. If the enemy does not die, it may be attempted again, at a higher DC on the Coup De Grace until the enemy is dead. Upon gaining the knowledge, the wielder must make a normal spellcraft roll to see if they can scribe the spell into their spellbook. Upon success, the blood of the mage is syphoned into the wielder’s spellbook or familiar as ink or food, and it’s added to the wielder’s repertoire.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, hunter’s eye, true strike, creator must be a caster of at least 12th level, a soul gem containing two spirits of opposing alignment; Price +6 Bonus


Deep under the earth, hidden behind a false mausoleum door in Selmont, there is a temple to the old gods. A statue shows the union of two gods— a pregnant Illiara and a joyful Obberoth. Upon the King’s Crowned head are three astral diamonds that, when removed, show the temple in its true light. The image of a happy union shutters into one of horror, the Broodsire Thalmnos drawing his signature whip upon Illiara’s throat, clutching her stillborn in his hands. Blood pools from the walls and wounds of the statue. The only thing that seems solid is the whip itself, that looses itself from her neck as it is touched by a mortal hand.

Arx is a long, slender whip crafted of supple black leather and dangerously sharp metal spines. Its handle curves and seems to fit perfectly in the wearer’s grip. When not being actively wielded Arx coils up the wielder’s arm, tightening like a vice and slightly embedding itself in the skin. Arx will not allow itself to be pried off, instead tightening enough to do damage if attempted.

Arx also has a voice. If spoken to, Arx responds in the wielder’s mind, a dissonant combination of whispering male and female voices. The male voice seems smooth and confident, while the female voice is soft and wavering. Arx tends to speak the wielder upon first touch, but keeps quiet thereafter. Its motives are unknown.

Arx, Whip of the Sire

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