Nara of Vale

Withdrawn figure-head of the frigid city of Vale.


Race: Sylph
Age: 74
Title: Queen of Vale / Member of the Convocation

In the city of Vale, Nara’s word is law. However, she’s rather detatched from her city while not actively ruling, prefering to stay to her quarters and research, read, or otherwise busy her mind. This isn’t to say that she’s not an effective leader, just that she prefers not be be in the public eye at all times.

Her beauty knows no bounds, and she often seems more a spirit of nature than a true human. Long wavy white hair constantly drifts along in a non-existent breeze, her nearly-white blue eyes intense, and her skin so pale that it often seems more blue than pink. She is never seen without her drape of ancient furs.

Image © Wizards ‘Frostwind Virago’

Nara of Vale

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