Morticia of Ravos

The beloved official of the Deep Home Ravos.


Race: Drow
Age: ???
Title: Leader of Ravos / Member of the Convocation

Though it has been thousands of years since the people of the Underdark migrated upward, they still suffer from exposure to sunlight. To combat this, they created Moonshades— referred to colloquially as shades. Morticia Antiqua Veros the Third of Ravos is descended from the original creator of these magical lenses, spanning back thousands of years. She still holds sway over the magical industry there, and was elected in a landslide when she first applied for the office of Leader.

She is curt, but once you cut past her professional demeanor, she has a fierce love of her home and culture.


Image © MyksO

Morticia of Ravos

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