[DECEASED] Lila, Royally Appointed Tax Collector

The heart of the Kingdom of Surkesh.


Race: Human
Age: 34
Title: Royally Appointed Tax Collector

A woman who has worked her way into the heart of her people, Lila is rightfully the right hand woman of the King. Whereas most Tax Collectors are seen as a menace to the populace, Lila and the King are want to walk among the people. Long black hair, warm brown eyes, and a smile that never leaves her lips are Lila’s trademarks. She favors bold colors, blues and yellows, or black.


After rescuing her from Westwatch Elite guards, Zila and Jathal brought her back through the entirety of Callispar back to her home in Surkesh. They came to know her relatively well, though she remained guarded on some subjects, and she urged them to join the Surkeshian Air Force as war would likely follow her return.

Once returned to Surkesh, she went back to her duties, making sure the party was rewarded well for their services. It wasn’t long after that the colossi worms attacked the World Tree, and event that preceded the flood of Yellow Breath into her city. As last they knew, she was leading her people towards Mastrecht in the hope that they might find sanctuary.

[DECEASED] Lila, Royally Appointed Tax Collector

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