Kathrine of Urzis

Ice-cold mistress of Urzis, unbound from the Athenaeum.


Race: Kitsune
Age: ??
Title: Mistress of Urzis / Member of the Convocation

Well-maintained fur, sharp yellow eyes, and a taste for elegance, Kathrine is the financial advisor and Mistress of Urzis. The title of Mistress was one that was created after the Rising, to keep the mages in check among the common folk of Asheri. She mostly makes sure that they don’t end up blowing themselves up and forcing the rest of the folk around to deal with the remains.

With such an office, Kathrine holds the other tower of Urzis, and has decorated it to her liking. She prefers simple elegance to glitz and glam.

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Kathrine of Urzis

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