Johnny Bexley

A halfling with an attitude.


Race: Halfling
Age: ???
Title: A Bard of Much Repute

With long, blonde locks and cold blue eyes, one might think Johnny Bexley the attractive sort. Sadly the moment he opens his mouth those thoughts quickly recede: the habit of referring to himself in the third person is one that grates on the nerves. His lilting accent makes this a little more tolerable, but his general aloof sensibilities undermine this even further.

He’s particularly well known for his regal clothing and trademark hat. Bexley prefers to use the harp for his songs.


A deciever first, Zila and Jathal met Johnny Bexley on the very first day of their expedition into the Breath. Always wary of him, their concerns came to fruition as they delved into the Pyramid of Kara’Tuum. After hours of dangerous delving, they came to find Johnny with a man paralyzed out of fear in a final burial chamber. He flees into a downward chamber and the group follows, only to find him standing over a ring at the bottom of the stairwell. Knight-Captain Rous storms down and is prepared to execute him before they notice the Sphynx in the room and look back to find Johnny fleeing the scene. Their distrust of Johnny begins with his betrayal.

After their harrowing exit of the Pyramid, they find Johnny waiting for them back at the ship, smiling and ready for action. He tells them the ship and mission has been hijacked by the Pirates of Blackthorne Isle. They’ll be taking them back to the island, unless they’d rather be dropped off in Westwatch and branded as traitors. They accept, but warn that the Dragon Eggs they carry are destined for them. Bexley shrugs and says the mission was mostly a loss anyways— except for the Breathward Masks. When the dragons hatch, Bexley is excited and offers them training and the possibility of becoming captains in the Pirate’s force. He urges them that they don’t force any of the dragons into breeding programs like the military of Westwatch. When they arrive at Blackthorne Isle, they are met with open arms and offered a place within. This is where they part ways with Bexley.

With the destruction of Blackthorn Isle, they thought they’d seen the last of Bexley.

Flash forward to their expedition to Cothrand, searching for an artifact of Godly presence. Within the maw of a gargantuan spore-infested green dragon lies the body of Johnny Bexley, garbed in his tradition wear with a Breathward Mask. They kill the dragon and drag his body out to find that he still breathes and lives! They strip him of his goods, hogtie him and are unsure of what to do next…

They’ve always joked that they’ll kill him when they find him. Will they?

Johnny Bexley

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