Gurn and Urzot of Murganzur

The joined Directors of Murganzur.


Race: Oread (Gurn) and Dwarf (Urzot)
Age: ??? / 230 aprox.
Title: Joined Directors of Murganzur / Bound Souls

While Gurn’s kind are not rare within the Breath, Gurn themselves is a very special individual: the union of human blood and residuum. Found within the Murganzur mines hundreds of years ago, they have served as a stalwart protector of the city and vital tool in finding the safest ways to continue mining. Being born of residuum gives them the unique ability to sense its presence. Indeed, their physical body is even marked by this; the nearly black stone of their body is scattered with residuum crystals, their hair being entirely made up of the precious stone. Otherwise they seem entirely humanoid in figure; their stone is soft to the touch and they have a rather androgynous physique.

Urzot is very much a dwarf. While it’s clear that he used to be a strong individual, he’s gone a little soft around the middle. His hair is a bushy red, streaked with silver and cut short at the sides. His beard is long and bushy as well, braided thick at the chin and sideburns, also streaked through with white. His eyes are a soft blue.

Raised intently by his mothers, Urzot was groomed for leadership and hoped to be appointed director by his people. It was upon being appointed that he first met Gurn, and since then he’s never taken his eyes off of them. They were joined within the next season, and have been living and leading ever since.


Gurn and Urzot of Murganzur

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