[DECEASED] Lord-Captain Archibald Tulley

The de facto ruler of the pirate fleet based out of Blackthorn Island.


Found laying next to his wife in the draconic pavilion, protected by the shade of his once loyal dragon. His skeleton, clean to the bone, was read an ancient rite by Jathal and is now interred in the once bustling ruin of Blackthorne Isle.

This King-Of-Pirates is far beyond the skill of most normal soldiers. It’s been rumored that he has taken on Sea Serpents by his lonesome, with only his teeth and hands. Needless to say, he’s probably a bit too much for you.


A handsome chap, it is unlikely that you will ever hear the tale of one Lord-Captain Archibald Tulley. With his ancient crimson captain’s coat and tricorn cap, the stoic Pirate King is a true legend. He is rarely seen a far distance from his bonded dragon, Coraxis.

Image © Damon-nomaD

[DECEASED] Lord-Captain Archibald Tulley

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