Antwerp of Sigmund's Watch

Duty-bound Viceroy of Sigmund's Watch.


Race: Elf
Age: 358 years old
Title: Viceroy of Sigmund’s Watch / Member of the Convocation

Pragmatic, Calleus Antwerp vas Ambrose of the House Winthrope is a duty-bound leader. Narrow of face and features, long has he sat at the top of the white tower of Sigmund’s Watch. He serves primarily as a figure of legal prowess, every notable document finding its way through his desk at some point. He rules fairly but is seen by few. On special occassion he will walk the street or go to market, but more often than not he is bound to his work.

Antwerp has long brown hair, sharp blue eyes, and can’t remember the last time he smiled.

Image © Moimq

Antwerp of Sigmund's Watch

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